The basketball court is located on the fifth floor of the Club.  Pick-up full-court basketball games are usually played every Monday evening at 6:00pm and on Saturdays at 10:00am.  All members are welcome and are reminded to sign in at the Pro Shop before playing.  The gym can be made available by reservation for you and your friends at a reduced guest fee by contacting the Athletic Director ahead of time to make arrangements.

The Pittsburgh Athletic Association and our members are fortunate to have Pete Strobl as our Head Basketball Instructor. Coach Strobl is a basketball skills development coach experienced in teaching all age groups and skill levels.  He works with numerous professional basketball players and is popular in the Pittsburgh area for his work with some of the best and brightest.  Sessions are tailored to each player's individual needs and abilities.  Areas of emphasis include shooting mechanics, foot-speed, one on one moves, agility, and ball-handling.  Private lessons will be held in the club's 5th floor gymnasium.

For session fees and further information, please contact Coach Strobl at 412-715-3303 or visit

We are also proud to be the home of The Scoring Factory, Pittsburgh's premier high-intensity basketball skills workshop. Players will take part in training sessions consisting of precise skills, drills, and stations to achieve their ultimate scoring potential. Founded by Coach Pete Strobl, The Scoring Factory team will help you learn how to beat an opponent from the top of the key, from the wing, in the post and everywhere in between. 

For detailed program information, visit